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Despite Closings And Budget Cuts, CPS Calls For New Charter Schools

Lauren Fitzpatrick Chicago Sun-Times
Kelly, the district’s largest school, also took the biggest budget hit for what CPS called a projected enrollment drop of 200-250 students, though CPS still considers it overcrowded as well. The school has laid off 23 teachers, 10 support staff and will also lose seven security guards, as well.“Our enrollment is supposedly down, which is why they explained the $4 million in cuts, but apparently we need new schools,” said Carolyn Brown, one of the teacher representatives.

North Carolina's Moral Mondays

Ari Berman The Nation
An inspiring grassroots movement is fighting back against the GOP’s outrageous budget cuts and attacks on democracy.

The Stealth Sequester

Robert Reich Blog
So far, the much-dreaded "sequester" - some $85 billion in federal spending cuts between March and September 30 - hasn't been evident to most Americans.
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