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$3.5T Isn't That Expensive. It's a Drop in the Bucket.

Ben Davis The Guardian
Biden's Build Back Better budget reconciliation bill amounts to only 1.5 percent of US gross domestic product. If it were to pass as is, the US social support system would still be small by world standards.

Illinois’ Political Odd Couple: Rauner and Rahm

Curtis Black Chicago Reporter
On one issue—and it’s the most fundamental issue—Rauner and Emanuel stand arm-in-arm. Both oppose the kind of progressive revenue solutions that would target the millionaire class to which they belong and which they represent—the kind of solutions that offer the only realistic path out of the fiscal crisis in which the state and city are mired.

A Platform for People and the Planet

Isaiah J. Poole Campaign for America's Future
The Populism 2015 platform is a set of principles; the Progressive Caucus budget shows how those principles can be translated into government policy.
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