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17 Things We Learned About Money in Politics in 2017

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy Brennan Center for Justice
What did we learn about money in politics during the Earth’s ride around the Sun this year? The Trump Russia investigation could turn on campaign finance law.

Off-Year Election Takeaways for Money in Politics

Beatriz Aldereguia , Natalie Giotta Brennan Center for Justice
Last week’s off-year elections provided a window into the role money plays in our politics, and the possibilities for campaign finance for reform across the country.

We, the Plutocrats vs. We, the People - Saving the Soul of Democracy

Bill Moyers Tom Dispatch
Our country's greatest failing, the true disaster, of our time: the scourge of growing inequality, economic and political. It is despicable as the very wealthy convert their financial might into political power to guard that wealth while exacerbating inequality further. This is the vast difference between a society whose arrangements serve all its citizens or one whose institutions have been converted into a stupendous fraud - democracy in name only.

How Chicago's White Donor Class Distorts City Policy

Sean McElwee Demos
Chicago’s democracy is being distorted by an overwhelmingly, white, wealthy and male donor class. But public financing provides a clear solution. The “Fair Election Ordinance,” introduced on January 13, 2016 would match all small donor contributions up to $175, increasing the influence of the most diverse small and mid-level donor pool.

Finally, Campaign Finance Reform Gets Some Political Respect

Kathy Kiely Moyers & Company
Campaign finance reform, long a lonely political backwater frequented only by good government groups, is suddenly becoming a hot new address for some of this year’s candidates. Whether that will lead to a vibrant new political community remains the open question.
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