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Tidbits - Dec. 19, 2019 - Reader Comments: Impeachment Matters; 2020 Elections as Anti-War Vote; Trump Jobs are Low-Wage; Free Public Transit; Family Separation-Nativity Scene; Greta Thunbeg: TIME Person of Year; Resources; Announcements

Reader Comments: Impeachment Matters; 2020 Elections and Anti-War Vote; Trump Jobs Creation are Low-Wage; Free Public Transit - Kansas City Sets Example; Family Separation as Nativity Scene; Greta Thunbeg: TIME Person of Year; Resources; Announcement

Dialectics of Christmas

Fred Halliday Verso Blog
A vintage holiday treat from the UK's Black Dwarf, Christmas 1969*, where the author analyzes the dialectic of Christmas in which the desire for happiness is marshaled into a tool of subjection (and alcoholic oblivion).

Christmas and Resistance to Slavery in the Americas

Yesenia Barragan African American Intellectual History Society
Across the Americas, stories abound of enslaved peoples utilizing the small window of “a little restricted liberty” afforded by the Christmas season to escape bondage.

Friday Nite Videos -- December 18, 2015

Bernie Sanders Knocks Donald Trump's Scapegoating. Why Einstein Hated Quantum Mechanics. Merry Confederate Christmas. How Girls Who Code Is Bridging The Gender Gap In Tech. Movie: Where to Invade Next.

Merry Confederate Christmas

South Carolina Representative Chris Corley sends out a provocative Christmas card featuring the Confederate flag, and a cabal of Southern gentlemen shows its support. 

An Atheist’s Christmas Dream

Mark Bittman New York Times
Christmas is a commercial, obnoxious holiday. But the so-called golden rule — do unto others — that is ostensibly a core principle of every major religion, well that is a reality we have never approached, but should aim for.
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