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This Week in People’s History, Oct. 10-Oct. 16

President Reagan sitting at his desk in front of an aerial photo of fighter plans on the ground in Cuba U.S. to World Court: Drop Dead! (in 1983). ACT UP shuts down FDA (1988). Secrecy runs amuck (1973). Stars and stripes fly over Dixie (1863). GIs strike against Vietnam War (1968). SCOTUS prefers civil wrongs (1883). Athletes protest racism (1968).


The Filibuster Threatens Both Civil Rights and Workers’ Rights

Craig Becker ACS Expert Forum
The For the People Act and the Protecting the Right to Organize Act are essential to ensuring working people are heard in legislative chambers and corporate boardrooms. The fate of these bills hinges on an anti-democratic Senate rule: the filibuster.

State Legislative Strategy for Labor

By Richard Kahlenberg & Moshe Marvit Workerist
On the state level, labor has consistently found itself on the defensive against increased intrusions on labor rights. But amending the Civil Rights Act to protect the right to organize could help set the stage for national labor law reform.

Scuttling Obama's Most Progressive Cabinet Nominee

Adam Serwer Mother Jones
If Republicans block Obama's Labor Secretary Nominee Thomas Perez over his actions in the St. Paul case, it won't be because of corruption or ethics. It will be because he rescued a civil rights law they oppose from almost certain death at the hands of the Roberts court.
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