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Slavery Was Crucial for the Development of Capitalism

Robin Blackburn, Owen Dowling Jacobin
Historian Robin Blackburn has completed a trilogy of books that provide a comprehensive Marxist account of slavery in the New World. He spoke to Jacobin about the intimate links between the slave systems in the Americas and the origins of capitalism.

The Class Struggle in Silicon Valley

Cory Doctorow Project Syndicate
Deteriorating working conditions have led to a shift in perspective, sparking an unprecedented wave of worker activism.

Race Inequality, Class Inequality

Arthur MacEwan Dollars and Sense
There is a widely held belief, especially among white people, that social welfare programs primarily benefit African Americans. Yet, in virtually all U.S. social support programs, whites are the largest demographic group of recipients.

Liberalism and the Spectre of Inverted Totalitarianism

Henry Heller Canadian Dimension
What is paradoxical is that U.S. imperial ideology happens to be not fascism but an all-encompassing and intolerant liberalism refitted for rationalizing military and political expansion.


The Class Struggle With Tommy and Gina

Eric Dirnbach Eric Dirnbach
Bon Jovi’s hit “Livin’ on a Prayer” is an anthem about working class survival. But it also contains a deeper message about class struggle.

What Spain Tells Us About Fighting Fascism

Charles Idelson Medium
In the wake of neo-fascist coup attempts — and the ongoing threat they pose in the U.S. and Brazil — it’s worth revisiting historical analogies on how to challenge the fascist plague before it metastasizes, endangering people the world over.
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