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Puerto Ricans Want a Clean and Just Energy Future

Nithin Coca Equal Times
Private US and global ‘clean energy’ companies coming to the island, pose the danger of "green colonialism." Puerto Rico – dependent on imported fossil fuels and faraway corporations -- needs instead locally produced and controlled renewables.

How the Light Gets In

H. Patricia Hynes Portside
In these times of climate change denial, macho military chest-beating, stagnant wages, and soulless extremes of wealth and poverty, light-bearing cracks are all that we have. The northern Great Plains, likely the richest wind regime in the world, the potential of tribal wind power exceeds 300 gigawatts across six states, according to the Department of Energy. This motherlode is equivalent to about half of the current electrical generating capacity in the United States.

Syriza Can Show `Another Energy is Possible'

Sean Sweeney Trade Unions for Energy Democracy
Greece's new government is committed to `ecological transformation'. Syriza's existing programmatic commitments to work towards "the development of a new paradigm of social, environmental and economic development," and the need to build a public sector of a "new type" could transform energy and climate politics in the EU and beyond.


Environmentalists, Workers Seek Common Ground

Kevin Begos Associated Press
The nation's largest labor unions are ready and willing to help fight global warming, but are cautioning environmentalists that workers need new clean-energy jobs before existing industries are shut down.

Our Ministry of Planning

Robert Kuttner Huffington Post
In the case of energy policy, what's holding back innovation and domestic production is the absence of assured markets for startups. But in this anti-government, laissez-faire nation, the military gets a safe conduct pass to do something that no other branch of government is ideologically allowed to do -- commit the sin of economic planning.

Breaking News: Huge Victory - Fracking Delayed in New York!

Catskill Mountainkeeper and Riverkeeper Riverkeeper
In a testament to the power of one of the greatest grassroots movements this state has ever seen, Commissioners Dr. Nirav Shah of the Department of Health (DOH) and Joseph Martens of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) have announced today that they will postpone the decision on whether to allow high-volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in New York State pending further review of fracking’s impacts on human health.
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