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Meet the Climate Science Deniers Who Downplayed COVID-19 Risks

Sharon Kelly DeSmogBlog
...when so much of the message that there’s nothing to worry about on climate change comes from think tanks like Cato, AEI, and ACSH that made unsupported and flawed calls on COVID-19, it’s worth taking a moment to pause and think about that as well

Big Changes Ahead: Let’s Be the Whirlwind

Max Elbaum Organizing Upgrade
However severe the current crisis, and whatever the outcome in November, big changes are coming in how the U.S. economy functions, how this country is ruled and its role in the world.

Will Major Networks Cover the Climate Crisis in 2020 Elections?

Mark Hertsgaard Columbia Journalism Review
South African school children hold placards denouncing climate crisis denialism. The climate crisis, one of the top stories of the 2020 election, cries out for in-depth coverage by the big three networks. But in 2019 less than 1 out of every 100 network news stories talked about the problem that could end life as we know it.

Beating Trump: Absolutely Essential, Also Not Enough

Max Elbaum Organizing Upgrade
student demonstrators Ousting Trump from the White House is not sufficient to address the deep-going crises that today threaten the rights and well-being of people in the U.S., the very lives of millions across the globe, and the natural environment...
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