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Wildlife Conservationists and their “Stockholm Syndrome”

Margi Prideaux OpenDemocracy
A noted wildlife author and activist charges many of the largest international wildlife conservation organizations are acting “like captives suffering from Stockholm syndrome.” Instead of fighting a destructive economic system, conservation non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are bonding with its brutality. They are increasingly working with corporations against indigenous communities who have been as maltreated by big business and globalization as the wildlife.

Why Do the Koch Brothers Hate Wolves?

Julie Cart, James William Gibson LA Times, Earth Island Journal
The Save the Lobo rally, paid for by Defenders of Wildlife, featured a man in a wolf costume, children scrawling placards with crayons and people offering videoed testimony to be forwarded to Washington. Down the hall, an anti-wolf event was sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, an organization funded by the conservative Koch brothers. The group screened the documentary "Wolves in Government Clothing." Said one Arizona rancher: "Is this politically driven? Absolutely."
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