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Friday Nite Videos | July 26, 2019

Trump Lies About Robert Mueller’s Testimony. Groove In G | Playing for Change. American Swamp | Four-Part Special Series. Student Debt in the U.S. Reaches an All-Time High. Opposition Leader Challenges Boris Johnson.

American Swamp | Four-Part Special Series

NBC News and MSNBC award-winning journalists Katy Tur and Jacob Soboroff are joining forces for a four-part docuseries event, premiering Sunday, July 28, 2019 at 9 p.m. ET on MSNBC. Each hour-long episode follows Tur and Soboroff on an immersive journey as they travel throughout the United States and look at areas of political dysfunction and what can be done to fix the ever-rising waters of the “swamp.”

The American Dark Money Behind Europe’s Far Right

Mary Fitzgerald and Claire Provost The New York Review of Books
politican kissing rosary A recent openDemocracy investigation found that America’s Christian right spent at least $50 million of “dark money” to fund campaigns and advocacy in Europe over the past decade.

Because Scott Walker Asked . . .

Ed Pilkington and the Guardian US interactive team The Guardian
Leaked court documents from ‘John Doe investigation’ in Wisconsin lay bare pervasive influence of corporate cash on modern US elections

What Obama Can Do About Dark Money in Elections Right Now

Michael Waldman Brennan Center for Justice
To a degree unseen since the Gilded Age over a century ago, money will pour into the 2016 elections from a handful of donors giving once unimaginable sums. Many want something from government. And many of these donors will operate undisturbed -- their identities secret from the public, if not from the grateful politicians. It's called "dark money."

Who’s Buying our Midterm Elections?

Bill Moyers Moyers and Company
KIM BARKER: I would argue that if you're wondering why your government is so broke and you can't really get anything passed through Congress, campaign finance has a lot to do with that.

The Dark Money Man: How Sean Noble Moved the Kochs’ Cash into Politics and Made Millions

Kim Barker and Theodoric Meyer ProPublica
The dark money strategies Noble helped pioneer at the Center are likely to play a substantial role in the upcoming midterms. Targeted blasts of spending by outside groups could have far more effect on this year’s smaller slate of congressional and local races than they had on 2012’s megabuck national and statewide contests, campaign finance experts said.
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