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Human Need, Not Corporate Greed! Poster of the Week

Center for the Study of Political Graphics Center for the Study of Political Graphics
CSPG's Poster of the Week calls attention to the same issues that energized the ongoing Democracy Spring protests in Washington, DC--the loss of democracy in an age of big money corporate politics.

Tidbits - March 10, 2016 - Reader Comments: International Women's Day; Democracy Spring; Trumpism; Stephen Hawking; Remembering Dr. Quentin Young; and more...

Reader Comments: Celebrating International Women's Day (Bev Grant in song); Democracy Spring - call for national civil disobedience actions in Washington, DC in April; Trumpism - What it Means; Race and Representation; Stephen Hawking and Robots; In Memory of Dr. Quentin Young; Tech Workers and Unions; Report from Palestine; Leonard Peltier Film Series starts in New York.
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