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Marta Russel's Legacy and the Political Economy of Disability

Bridget Broderick International Socialist Review
The late Marta Russell was singular in viewing the marginalization of people with disabilities through the lens of political economy. The book's contributors offer a body of work that builds on her legacy and on the rising political insurgency of people with disabilities.

Thank Disability Rights and the Resistance

Jake Johnson Common Dreams
"Folks praising Murkowski, Collins, and McCain: I think you misspelled Hirono, ADAPT, and every activist resisting the Republican agenda."

Continuity or Change? Lenín Moreno Takes Power in Ecuador

Erika Astudillo Equal Times
Correísmo marked a turning point in Ecuador's history. Correa launched his administration with measures such as buying back the country’s debt, renegotiating oil contracts and better tax collection. As Lenin Moreno takes office he will seek to find ways to continue the progress made in reducing poverty while overcoming divisions in society. Moreno was Correa’s vice president between 2007 and 2013 where he was a strng advocate for people with disabilities.

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