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It is Human Rights

Myrna Santiago Stansbury Forum
An armed representative of the state who kills a civilian commits not just a crime like any other person. No, that official commits an abuse of power, a violation of human rights. The states who fail to stop violence against civilians on the part of their armed bodies are, therefore, labeled as violators of human rights.


What She Could Carry

Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes Matter: A (somewhat) monthly journal
This poem references the violence of enforced disappearance and forced displacement that is rampant in Colombia. Colombia has over 50,000 reported disappearances, and about 5 million internally displaced.

Tidbits - August 8, 2013

Reader Comments- Wisconsin Crackdown; Labor Collective Bargaining; Detroit & Pensions; Early Human Settlements show War has Deep Evolutionary Roots; Honduras; Shorts: Child of Disappeared Political Prisoners Found in Argentina; Murder of Philippines Labor Leaders; Announcements - Call Mr. Robeson - Berkeley-Aug 11; Conference Honoring Jerry Tucker - St.Louis Oct 11-13; Organizing 2.0 Fall Internship - NYC Portside announcements about Quote & Toon of the Day, REWIND
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