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Students in 2016: Study, Study, Vote

Nancy Thomas and Ishara Casellas Connors The Conversation
A new study reveals that more, and more diverse, US college students voted in 2016. What are the implications for future elections?


Ava DuVernay Thinks Little Brown Girls Should Be Space Travelers, Too

Mattie Kahn Elle
People seem to think that a movie or a television show or a book is "diverse" when there are "one or two black people or brown people, or one girl or a couple of girls," DuVernay says. "Inclusion is really half—half of the cast, half of the directors, half of the writers are women or girls, half of the room, more than half of the room is of color," she says. "I think we get really satisfied with less.


All the Brown Girls on TV

Mallika Rao The Atlantic
HBO’s latest web-series acquisition eschews Brooklyn for a queer, multiracial, multiethnic arts landscape in Chicago. Welcome to Fatimah Asghar and Sam Bailey’s world.


Is it Still "Diversity" or "Inclusion" if No One's Broke on TV?

Shannon M. Houston Paste
Why are we championing diversity and inclusivity when it comes to race and gender, but not class? Class, which we all know by now is just as much a defining factor in a person’s life as race or gender (if not moreso).

The Problem Keeping America From Being the Democracy It Should Be

Donna Edwards Cosmopolitan
The struggle for a more perfect union is the struggle for a union that welcomes all voices. As important as it was to elect a black president in 2008 and as it will be to elect a woman president in 2016, that is simply not good enough. We are neither post-racial nor post-gender. We must be honest about the depth of the problem in order to unloose the structural barriers that contribute to it -- the money, the process, the lineage. It may require some to step aside.


US Television Wakes Up to Growing Latino Audience with New Options

Brian Moylan The Guardian
Even as mainstream outlets start to pay more attention to Latino viewers and with new frontiers popping up on cable, things are changing as rapidly on television for the Hispanic audience as they are for everyone else. What seems to be a new constant, however, is that the focus on this market is certainly going to grow.
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