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California Jury Pay Could Soon Increase to $100 a Day

Soumya Karlamangla New York Times
The proposal was inspired by a pilot program in San Francisco that has increased the racial and economic diversity of the county’s jury pools by providing $100 daily payments to low- and moderate-income jurors.


What the Hard-Won HarperCollins Union Contract Means for the Future of Books

Constance Grad Vox
“I’m feeling in shock, to be honest. It hasn’t quite hit me yet and I don’t think I’ll fully believe it until we’ve ratified,” And until I’ve hugged and cried in joy with my fellow strikers. But excited and nervous to get back to work! And to see the ripples this has across the industry.” Almost 250 workers had been on strike for 66 days.

New York Must Fight for Equity — The Real Kind

Tiffany Cabán New York Daily News
The goal isn’t merely eliminating barriers to ascending the strata, but rather flattening the hierarchy altogether. If “equity” is to be a worthwhile word, it will have to mean de-stratifying the systems that impose sexist and racist hierarchies.
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