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Friday Nite Videos | April 9, 2021

The “Dark Money” Playbook. Nina Simone | Backlash Blues. How a Billionaire Team Owner Pays a Lower Tax Rate Than LeBron James. What’s in the 4% of Our DNA That Makes Us Different From Chimps? Debunking the Myth of the Lost Cause.

Consumer DNA Testing May Be the Biggest Health Scam of the Decade

Ed Cara Gizmodo
DNA strand graphphic At the start of this decade, the federal government identified consumer DNA testing as a burgeoning scam industry. Nonetheless, according to MIT Technology Review more than 26 million people have had their DNA tested. The scam is mainstream now.

A DNA Glimpse of an Egnimatic Human Relative

Maya Wei-Haas National Geographic
For nearly a decade, researchers have puzzled over what the Denisovans looked like. Now, we have our best model yet of the species' skeleton.

What Percent Virus Are You?

Hannah Moots FiveThirtyEight
With advances in genome sequencing and computational tools to analyze genomic information, researchers are able to estimate that about 8 percent of the human genome is made of sequences that originated as invasive retroviruses. To put that number in perspective, genes make up about 1 percent to 1.5 percent of your genome.
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