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New York Just Passed Legal Weed. Now What?

Paul Blest Vice
“Unlike any other state in America, this legislation is intentional about equity.... Equity is not a second thought; it’s the first one and it needs to be, because the people who paid the price for this war on drugs have lost so much.”

Friday Nite Videos | December 11, 2020

"Seditious Abuse" | The AG Coup Attempt. The Social Dilemma | Trailer. Dr. Fauci Explains Vaccine Safety, When It Will Be Available and Who Gets It. The War on Cuba — Episode 2. Weed Was the Real Winner of the 2020 Election.

Michael Moore's New Film Features Portugal's Groundbreaking Policy of Not Arresting People for Drug Use

Sharda Sekaran Drug Policy Alliance
Watching Moore’s film may be the first time many Americans get a bird’s eye view of Portugal’s groundbreaking approach to drug policy. It may also be the first time many of them see the prisons in Norway, where inmates are taught how to reintegrate into society by allowing them to live as much like normal people and as little like prisoners as possible. Kudos to Michael Moore for showing what’s possible when we shift from punishing people to finding ways to help them...
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