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Stiglitz: Trumpian Uncertainty

Joseph E. Stiglitz Project Syndicate
Fire-breathing rhetoric, or raving three a.m. tweets, may assuage the anger of those left behind by the Reagan revolution, at least for a while. But for how long? And what happens then?

Calling Working People of All Colors

Ebony Slaughter-Johnson Other Words
Bringing white voters who defected to Donald Trump into the fold would make the Democratic Party a formidable force, but not if it means marginalizing the concerns of people of color.

Inequality Is Still the Defining Issue of Our Time

Robert L. Borosage The Nation
Don’t take down the barricades. Inequality remains extreme and continues to widen. And the populist uprisings that have roiled American politics have clear opportunities to tackle the core problem after the election.

Friday Nite Videos -- September 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders Makes the Case for Hillary Clinton. Snowden. What Is Universal Basic Income? How We See Color. Not What You Think. What Racism Has to Do With the High Cost of College.

What Is Universal Basic Income?

UBI would reduce inequities and provide a secure platform for everyone to live a fulfilling, creative life. And support is growing, worldwide.

Child Care Often Pricier Than Rent, Food, and College Tuition

Teddy Wilson Rewire
"Improving our nation's child-care system will have a compound effect," said Aleyamma Mathew, director of the Women's Economic Justice Program of the Ms. Foundation for Women. "Not only on the millions of women in the workforce but on communities and the economy as a whole."


Black Workers, Unions, and Inequality

Cherrie Bucknor Center for Economic and Policy Research
This paper finds that Black union workers of today are very different from Black union workers of the past. In particular, Black union workers today are more likely to be female, older, have more years of formal education, be immigrants, and work in the public sector. Black union workers also enjoy higher wages, and better access to health insurance and retirement benefits than their non-union peers.

What a Black Lives Matter Economic Agenda Looks Like

Jannell Ross Washington Post
Even a good job creation/infrastructure bill must include "targeted" language to ensure that funds flow into black communities, and community residents have access to those jobs.
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