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The 'iEverything' and the Redistributional Imperative

Robert Reich Robert Reich blog
When more and more can be done by fewer and fewer people, the profits go to an ever-smaller circle of executives and owner-investors. It may be that a redistribution of income and wealth from the rich to the rest of us becomes the only means of making the future economy work.

Tidbits - March 26, 2015 - Student Protests; Vietnam War; Slavery, American Capitalism; Israel; Socialists and Socialism; more...

Reader Comments - Today's Student Protests; Vietnam War History, My Lai; Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism; Israel - Right Wing Nation with Nukes; Unions Key to Fighting Inequality; Women Fighters; Venezuela Sanctions; Socialists, Socialist Movement and Socialism; Human Genome Tinkering; Hey, World! Let's create a nuclear-free future -- April 24-26, New York City Remembering Jean Hardisty, Geraldine Blankinship and Grace Paley

Mend the Gap: 10 Steps Toward a More Equal California

Judith Lewis Mernit CAPITAL & MAIN
As CAPITAL & MAIN's “State of Equality” series has documented, economic inequality poses a grave threat to California’s future. Conditions would be far worse if not for progress made by activists, community leaders and lawmakers. In the last several years, California has generated some of the nation’s most innovative and effective strategies to reverse inequality. Here Judith Lewis Mernit lists 10 landmark achievements worth celebrating,emulating and strengthening.

Friday Nite Videos -- January 30, 2015

Runaway CEO Pay in 30 Seconds. Jimmy Greene -- Where Is the Love? Delta Flight Attendants: Vote Union. Baba Brinkman – So Infectious. Vindicating Freedom Fighters.

Runaway CEO Pay in 30 Seconds

In 1965, top CEOs made 20x more than typical workers in their industries. Now it's worse. Much worse.

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