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Mend the Gap: 10 Steps Toward a More Equal California

Judith Lewis Mernit CAPITAL & MAIN
As CAPITAL & MAIN's “State of Equality” series has documented, economic inequality poses a grave threat to California’s future. Conditions would be far worse if not for progress made by activists, community leaders and lawmakers. In the last several years, California has generated some of the nation’s most innovative and effective strategies to reverse inequality. Here Judith Lewis Mernit lists 10 landmark achievements worth celebrating,emulating and strengthening.

Friday Nite Videos -- January 30, 2015

Runaway CEO Pay in 30 Seconds. Jimmy Greene -- Where Is the Love? Delta Flight Attendants: Vote Union. Baba Brinkman – So Infectious. Vindicating Freedom Fighters.

Runaway CEO Pay in 30 Seconds

In 1965, top CEOs made 20x more than typical workers in their industries. Now it's worse. Much worse.

There Is Nothing Natural About Gentrification

Tom Slater New Left Project
Given the pressing worldwide realities of disinvestment, land grabbing, rent increases, evictions and displacement; a class analysis applied to housing and urban issues is more urgent than ever. Gentrification is the neighborhood expression of class inequality. Its positives are only felt by those who profit from the loss of housing opportunities of others. And there is nothing remotely natural about it.

The Secret to the Uber Economy is Wealth Inequality

Leo Mirani Quartz
The so-called Uber or “on-demand” economy is a rerun of the oldest sort of business: middlemen insinuating themselves between buyers and sellers. The vital ingredient, without which this new economy would fall apart, is inequality. All that modern technology has done is make it easier, through omnipresent smartphones, to amass a fleet of increasingly desperate jobseekers eager to take whatever work they can get.

Friday Nite Videos -- December 5, 2014

Chokehold Death Protests. Economic Agenda for America. Springsteen: My Oklahoma Home. She's Beautiful When She's Angry. The Feather and the Cannonball.
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