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Nicolas Maduro Did Not Steal the Venezuelan Election

Greg Palast Vice
The Venezuelan election was nearly stolen – by the US-backed anti-Chávistas. How? That’s what Chávez wanted Maduro to find out from me: how could US operatives jerk with Venezuela’s voter rolls? It wasn’t a mere policy question: they knew Chávez wouldn't be allowed to survive through another coup. My answer: They could steal the vote the same way Bush did it in Florida – in fact, using the very same contractor. Take a look at these documents.

Protests Matter in Election Years—and This Year’s Had Plenty

Ben Manski and Michael T. Heaney The Progressive
The protests of the excluded and alienated will count on and beyond Election Day. The relative momentum of movements is likely to matter not only in voter turnout but also in the potentially tumultuous events that may follow November 5.

Friday Nite Videos | July 5, 2024

How to Replace Biden. Trump’s Second Term | John Oliver. The Legacy of Slavery in America. Why the Mandelbrot Set Matters. Why Humans Are Vanishing.

How to Replace Biden

Longtime Democratic National Committee member Jim Zogby proposes a process by which to pick a new nominee
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