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Nicolas Maduro Did Not Steal the Venezuelan Election

Greg Palast Vice
The Venezuelan election was nearly stolen – by the US-backed anti-Chávistas. How? That’s what Chávez wanted Maduro to find out from me: how could US operatives jerk with Venezuela’s voter rolls? It wasn’t a mere policy question: they knew Chávez wouldn't be allowed to survive through another coup. My answer: They could steal the vote the same way Bush did it in Florida – in fact, using the very same contractor. Take a look at these documents.

An Interview With Nina Turner

Nina Turner Jacobin
Our Revolution has three goals that form a triangle: 1) Run progressive candidates, 2) Organize around social justice issues, 3) Transform the Democratic Party. The groups that make up OR are at the center of that triangle.

Friday Nite Videos | June 15, 2018

Jeff Sessions Cites the Bible in Separating Children From Parents. Mississippi John Hurt | You Got to Walk That Lonesome Valley. The Courage to Change | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Stupid Watergate II. Where Did Viruses Come From?

Is Cynthia Nixon Ready for the Spotlight?

Joan Walsh The Nation
The actor and activist is running to win—not just push Andrew Cuomo to the left. But can she convince voters she’s ready to govern?

Progressive Candidates Had a Very Good Night Tuesday

David Dayen, Ryan Grim The Intercept
The insurgent victory of Katie Porter, backed by Elizabeth Warren, headlined victories by progressive candidates for both congressional and state seats in Tuesday's primary election
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