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Nicolas Maduro Did Not Steal the Venezuelan Election

Greg Palast Vice
The Venezuelan election was nearly stolen – by the US-backed anti-Chávistas. How? That’s what Chávez wanted Maduro to find out from me: how could US operatives jerk with Venezuela’s voter rolls? It wasn’t a mere policy question: they knew Chávez wouldn't be allowed to survive through another coup. My answer: They could steal the vote the same way Bush did it in Florida – in fact, using the very same contractor. Take a look at these documents.

Will the US Move Toward “Demonstration Elections”?

Van Gosse The Nation
If fascism—or even just an authoritarian regime—does happen here in November, it may look surprisingly familiar. The current Supreme Court is likely to go along with whatever bald-faced violation of constitutional norms Trump orders...

Senegal’s Elites Wanted To Trash Democracy. Voters Didn’t.

Gregory Valdespino Jacobin
Tomorrow, Senegal votes in an election that French-backed president Macky Sall repeatedly delayed. The fact that the election is going ahead is a victory for young and poor Senegalese, whose protests resisted elites’ democratic backsliding.

Shelby County Opened the Door to Modern-Day Poll Taxes

Michael Podhorzer Weekend Reading
Voter suppression is the modern-day version of poll taxes. The idea that there is an “acceptable” level of voter suppression is antithetical to what it means to live in a pluralistic democracy with equal voting rights for all.

The Most Committed Are the Uncommitted

Jeet Heer The Nation
A growing movement of “uncommitted” Democratic voters are making it impossible for the Biden White House to remain complacent about Israel’s war on Gaza.
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