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Giving Shakespeare the Tough Love He Deserves

John Douglas Thompson The New York Times Book Review
In “The Great White Bard,” Farah Karim-Cooper maintains that close attention to race, and racism, will only deepen engagement with the playwright’s canon.


Far Country: Scenes From American Culture

Melissa H. Pierson Barnes and Noble Review
In this short book, an innovative literary critic uses what reviewer Pierson describes as "data-driven or science-based methods not traditionally associated with art appreciation" as tools of qualitative literary analysis and criticism.


A Brief History of Seven Killings

Kei Miller The Guardian
The Man Booker prize, given annually for best English language novel published in the United Kingdom, was awarded this week to Marlon James, for his novel, A Brief History of Seven Killings. He is the first writer from Jamaica to win the prize. The novel is a tale of 1970s-1980s Jamaica, CIA plots, and violence. It is "a story about Jamaica that doesn’t only take place in Jamaica," says Kei Miller, who reviewed the novel late last year.
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