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Nuclear History in Lubumbashi

Roger Peet Justseeds
I’ve been working for several years on a large linoleum blockprint that traces the history of the use of Congolese uranium in the Manhattan project.

Nanoplastics Are Entering Our Bodies

Erica Cirino The Bullet
Clearly, micro- and nanoplastics are getting into us, with at least some escaping through our digestive tracts. We seem to be drinking, eating, and breathing it in.

Living on a Smoke-Bomb of a Planet

Tom Engelhardt TomDispatch
As those Canadian wildfires suggest, we’re now living on a new, not terribly recognizable, ever more perilous world in which not just this country but Planet Earth itself is in decline. Climate change is quickly becoming the climate emergency.

The Colonial Roots of Peru’s Troubles

Saraha A. Kennedy Sapiens
An archaeologist traces the current protests in Peru to exploitive labor policies enacted in silver mines during Spanish colonial rule from 1532 to 1800.

Ten Surprisingly Good Things That Happened in 2022

Medea Benjamin CounterPunch
From Lula's victory in Brazil to a peace treaty ending civil war in Ethiopia, victorties pushing back Republican reaction in the United States to the growing presence of indigenous voices on the global stage, there was some good news this past year.
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