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France Goes Off the Rails

Benoît Duteurtre. Translated by Charles Goulden. The Nation
The government’s proposed railway reforms will force yet more traffic onto the country’s overcrowded roads, even as people in the provinces and regions lose mobility, convenience, and time.

When Great Lakes Water Is ‘Public’ And When It Isn’t

Scott Gordon Science Friday
Public water utilities serve industrial customers all the time—Racine currently has about 40—yet Wisconsin is confronting the inherent tension of fueling a private for-profit operation with a water resource that is protected as a public trust and governed at state and regional levels.

Catching a Breeze

Derrick Z. Jackson The American Prospect
America's belated push to develop offshore wind energy

Canary in the Coal Pond

Talia Buford ProPublica
New reports provide an unprecedented look at contaminants leaking from coal ash ponds and landfills. But the chasm between information and environmental protection may deepen thanks to a proposed Trump administration rollback.
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