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Dispatches from the Culture Wars - Now You See It, Now You Don’t Edition

Broken Bridge Already Off Google Maps; There May be a Glow-in-the-Dark Cockroach, or Not; Peace Corps Says Yes to Gay Couples, Exxon Says No; New On-line Source for TV News Archives; Newseum Gets Flack for Honoring Slain Arab Newsmen; Climate Change Will Be Fought in the Courts; How Harvard Approved That Racist Immigration Dissertation; Physicist Eric Weinstein May Have the Answer to Everything, or Not; How the Federalist Society Got Custody of the Law.

Media Bits & Bytes - As The World Turns edition

AP drops the "i-word"; FCC’s future; When Google lost its cool; Are alt-weeklies toast?; A ‘disruptive’ cable channel; ProPublica meets Reddit; Time’s big lie; Kochs shop for dailies; Exxon > freedom of speech; NLRB Rules In Favor of CWA Against Cablevision
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