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To Defeat the Far Right, We Must Build From the Bottom Up

Luis Feliz Leon Convergence
The movement to defeat the Far Right must include immigrant workers and members of other oppressed groups, working through their own independent and durable mass organizations rooted in workplaces and neighborhoods.

The Hard Right Captivates the Argentine Electorate

Mariano Schuster and Pablo Stefanoni / Nueva Sociedad NACLA Reports
The Argentine primary elections caused a political earthquake, with libertarian Javier Milei taking first place and Peronism coming in third. Never before has the radicalized right won so many votes.

Why the Swedish Left Will Continue To Lose

Jonathan Michael Feldman CounterPunch
In 2006, of those aged 18-21, 11% supported the Green Party and 10% supported the Left Party. By 2022, these figures dropped to 5% and 10% respectively. In contrast, those in this age cohort supporting Nazi-founded SD increased from 3% to 22%.

Sweden: Right-Wing Coalition Wins Election by the Narrowest of Margins

Petter Nilsson and Rikard Warlenius Rosa Luxemburg Foundation: Brussels Office
Sweden’s right-wing parties are set to take power with a razor-thin majority, ending eight years of social democratic government. Sweden can look forward to four years of reactionary politics where the democratic institutions are genuinely at risk.
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