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Friday Nite Videos | June 17, 2022

How Proud Boys Coordinated for Capitol Riot. Trump and John Eastman Knew Their Plan Was Illegal. The Wire Cast Members Talk Trump’s 'Mob' Tactics and 'Rats'. Why Is The Rent So Damn High In Florida? Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel.

Why Is The Rent So Damn High In Florida?

Florida is now the most unaffordable state. Gov. Ron DeSantis have taken millions from corporate landlords and developers. Now organizers across Florida are fighting back — and winning.

Defending the First Amendment

Paul Ortiz Portside
*Organize where you are* and please understand a simple truth. The widening assault on K-20 education, union rights, intellectual freedom and the First Amendment is soon coming to your back yard if it hasn't yet arrived.

Ron DeSantis’ Magical Authoritarian Kingdom

Jonathan Chait The Intelligencer
The impetus for DeSantis’s presidential candidacy is the belief that Trump is a liability, and a desire for a replacement who can marshal the same coalition more effectively. What DeSantis is building in Florida is his blueprint for the country.
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