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Robert Meeropol: Imprisoned for Blogging

Robert Meeropol Rosenberg Fund for Children
Daniel McGowan is now serving the last six months of his seven-year sentence for an environmentally motivated arson at a halfway house in Brooklyn. The Bureau of Prisons has retaliated against McGowan for writing constitutionally protected political blogs by placing him in a special prison unit and then after he was released, re-imprisoned him when he exercised his free speech rights by writing an article complaining about it. Kafka is twirling in his grave.

Is This the End of Academic Freedom?

Paula Chakravartty and Vasuki Nesiah New York Times
Students and faculty members in solidarity with the Palestinian people have found the campus environment alarmingly constrained.

Julian Assange’s Last Chance To Avoid Extradition

Kevin Gosztola The Progressive
Prosecuting Assange gives a green light to countries around the world that it is possible to protect their government secrets by charging international reporters or editors with crimes.

The Selective Silencing of Campus Speech

Kevin Young AmherstINDY
The problem with the “all-sides-are-being-silenced” argument is that administrators have responded differently based on whether the targeted individuals support or oppose US-Israeli policy.

I Stand With CASA

Nine Maryland Senators from the Montgomery County County Council have been threatening to cut funding to CASA because of a pro-Palestinian tweet (since withdrawn). Below is a statement from Maryland ACLU and two open letters suporting CASA.
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