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Carlos: The Santana Journey | Movie

Includes interviews with Santana and his family and extraordinary, never-before-seen archival footage — including home video recordings Santana himself made, concert footage, and behind- the-scenes moments


The Human Toll of Philips’ Massive CPAP Recall

The new documentary “With Every Breath” (ProPublica, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) humanizes a public health crisis that has affected millions through the stories of three people.


Lock Him Away | Roy Zimmerman

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” words and music by Solomon Linda. Parody lyrics by Ede Morris, Roy Zimmerman, Melanie Harby.


Elon Musk: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver discusses Elon Musk, the influence he has over more than just his businesses, and the perfect place for him and Mark Zuckerberg to finally have that cage match.

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