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Work It! The New Face of Labor in Fashion

By Annemarie Strassel Dissent
“At first glance the runways of New York and the factories of Bangladesh couldn’t look farther apart, and yet we are all working in the same industry—the fashion industry—which is a $1.5 trillion business, where the work is overwhelmingly performed by young women and girls,” says Sara Ziff, the head of Model Alliance, an advocacy organization for models.

Fighting Fire with Fire

Ashok Kumar & Chetan Ahimsa Ceasefire Magazine (UK)
Underneath global apparel's glitzy makeup lies an unglamorous underbelly - one of violent working conditions and structural faux pas. Case and point: factory fires. In September 2012, 300 garment workers lost their lives when a factory caught ablaze in Pakistan - two months later, 112 deaths after a similar tragedy in Bangladesh. Add China to the list, and 2012 will go on record as the deadliest year to be a garment worker.
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