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55 Years Ago, Someone Blamed a Bombing on a Racist Politician

Michael Harriot The Root
George Wallace was a lot like Donald Trump. His racist rhetoric fueled his constituents. His presidential campaign slogan “Stand Up for America” was the 1968 version of “Make America Great Again." Most of all, he invoked hate and racism.

Donald Trump, Ross Perot, George Wallace: The Impact of Demagogues

Ronald L. Feinman History News Network
Donald Trump bears a striking resemblance to George Wallace and Ross Perot, two men who waged among the most successful and highest impact third party presidential candidacies in US history. Perot and Wallace waged their third party campaigns after failing to win the Republican (Perot) and Democratic (Wallace) nominations. What impact might Trump have on the Republican party and the political system if he wins -- or fails to win -- the Republican nomination?

Anti-gay KY Clerk's Case a New Twist on 'Right to Work'

Kathy Wilkes Portside
There's a difference between 'right-to-work', which limits agreements between workers' unions and employers, and First Amendment restrictions on government in matters of religion, speech, expression, association and so on. For conservatives, though, rights are rolled up into one, giant "freedom" ball aimed at imposing individual beliefs at the expense of democracy right down to the duties of a job. Who then are the prisoners of conscience?
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