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Remembering Michael Ratner - The Loss of a Hero

Vince Warren; Sam Roberts; Bob Guild
We lost one of the great social justice warriors of our time, Michael Ratner. While a law student at Columbia University in 1968 this empathy and compassion helped him find his political focus during student protests against the Vietnam War. "[E]vents like this created the activists of the generation and I never looked back; I declared that I was going to spend my life on the side of justice and non-violence."

Guantanamo's Refugees Released to Uruguay Still Seeking Relief

Aisha Maniar Truthout
Guantánamo Bay is a mess the United States created and which it expects the rest of the world to clean up. Many of the remaining 122 prisoners are in a situation similar to that of the 15 prisoners released to Uruguay in December 2014. Among them were six men - a Tunisian, a Palestinian and four Syrians - who were resettled in Uruguay as refugees. All had been held without charge or trial for over 12 years at Guantánamo, and had been cleared for release since 2010.

Bradley Manning Verdict

If Bradley Manning was acquitted of aiding the enemy but convicted of espionage, who was he spying for, us?

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