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Guatemala: Why We Cannot Turn Away

Xeni Jardin PBS Newshour
Miles O'Brien reports from Guatemala on forensic science used to document charges of a genocide against thousands of indigenous Mayans in the 80s. From Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin, who co-produced the piece, here's a look at their reporting.


Green Jobs in Agriculture in Guatemala: How Close Are They?

Luis Linares Equal Times
The creation of green jobs in agriculture requires state action to protect natural resources, encouraging sustainable practices to prevent pollution, while at the same time ensuring compliance with labour legislation and workers’ fundamental rights.

Political Crisis in Guatemala Intensifies

Jeff Abbott The Progressive
The recent arrests of opposition candidates, students, and professors have a haunting resonance in Latin America. Nearly three dozen journalists, activists, judges, prosecutors, investigators, and former government officials have been forced to flee.
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