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An Underground College for Undocumented Immigrants

Jonathan Blitzer The New Yorker
In Georgia, undocumented students are barred from the state’s top public schools. Together, students and professors decided to start a freedom school to help fill the academic void. By consensus, the group chose the name Freedom University. It recalled the activism of the past, and, on T-shirts, it also made for a gratifying taunt: “F.U. Georgia.”

Why Do Ivy League Schools Get Tax Breaks? How The Richest US Colleges Get Richer

By David Sirota and Josh Keefe International Business Times
Despite the tax breaks and the flood of cash to Wall Street, many of the universities that benefit from the subsidies have refused to use their additional endowment resources to expand enrollment, admit more low-income students or lower their tuition rates.

Make Public Colleges Tuition Free

Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren speak on legislation they are introducing to make public universities and colleges tuition-free.

Another For-Profit College Folds

Josh Hoxie Other Words
The closure of ITT Tech should be a warning to other educational institutions looking to make a dime at the expense of students.

What Racism Has to Do with the High Cost of College

Not long ago, public colleges were debt free and that public investment paid great public returns. Tuition and student debt have tripled over the last generation, and racism has a lot to do with it.

Georgetown Makes Amends for Profiting From Slavery

Steps include an apology for its ties to slavery, preference to applicants who are descendants of Georgetown’s slaves, renaming a building in honor of one of the slaves and creating an institute to study slavery. 


Student Unions as a Weapon for the Working Class

Jesse Cullen RankandFile.Ca
By defining students as intellectual workers and transforming student unions into vehicles for social, economic, and racial justice, a new generation of young workers will transform the union movement and challenge the conventional wisdom of neoliberalism.
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