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There is Reason to Fear for the Safety of Every Kashmiri in India

Ather Zia Al Jazeera
Revoking Article 370 is the latest step in the BJP's plan to transform India into an unapologetically Hindu-only nation in which no other identity is welcomed. With that decree, India's president signed the death warrant of India's democracy.

We Can't Let Hindu Nationalists Rewrite India's History

Teesta Setalvad Alternet
The absence of institutional memory when it comes to dealing with communal conflict is glaring. After independence and partition, while report after report of officially appointed judicial commissions has analyzed and indicted certain discernible trends behind escalating violence and pogroms, the formal judiciary and courts appear not to have internalized these findings and recommendations. The very fact that a significant part of the 1998-Justice B.N.

West's Problematic Embrace of India's Modi

Priyamvada Gopal Aljazeera
Far from offering a new or original vision of collective good, the Hindu right-wing, which is Modi's political home, peddles a recycled imperial understanding of India and is parasitic upon some of its worst civilisational assumptions and the repressive institutions the British Empire bequeathed its former possession. These include laws criminalising 'sedition' and criminalising homosexuality, both of which are embraced enthusiastically by the Hindu right.
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