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Friday Nite Videos | May 31, 2024

What It's Really Like To Work at Apple. Following Harry the Film. Jeremy Corbyn: Why I'm Standing Against Labour After 40 Years. The Fake News Divide: How Modi’s Rule Is Fracturing India. Cancer-busting Vaccines Are Coming.

US Civil Society Speaks Out Against Hindu Supremacy

Pranay Somayajula Convergence
Hindu supremacists are joining forces with the MAGA bloc in this pivotal election year. US movement groups are recognizing that they threaten our common interests in building multiracial democracy.

The Shoah After Gaza

Pankaj Mishra London Review of Books
The dark meaning the Israeli state has drawn from the Shoah, and then institutionalized in a machinery of repression. Anyone calling attention to the spectacle of Washington’s blind commitment to Israel is accused of antisemitism, ignoring the Shoah.

India Is on the Brink

Debasish Roy Chowdhury New York Times
India is a diverse nation, crisscrossed by religious, ethnic, caste, regional and political fault lines. Prime Minister Modi's government has torn those asunder seeking to remake India’s secular republic into a majoritarian Hindu state.

When Is a Protest Too Late?

Yasmeen Serhan The Atlantic
The demonstrations against India’s new citizenship law have had an emotional impact—but can they make a tangible one?
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