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It Was Never a Civil War

Michael Podhorzer Washington Monthly
The threat posed by Trump and the MAGA movement, like the Confederate States, is not “conservative” or even “extremist” but criminally anti-democratic.


Why Some Are More Equal Than Others

Richard V Reeves Literary Review
This book, writes reviewer Reeves, "ought to be read by anyone interested in equality, and also anyone interested in people, history, God, politics, religion, nationalism, war or love."

Black History Is Also America’s History: A Reading List

And it’s America’s labor history, too. It’s coming together to fight for freedom and justice. Our Civil, Human and Women’s Rights Department has put together a list of recommended reading for the month.

Friday Nite Videos | December 15, 2023

De-Stigmatizing Sex Work. AI Can Do Your Homework. How Harvard Operates Like a $51 Billion Hedge Fund. How Israeli Settler Violence Forces Palestinians To Flee Their Homes. The Forgotten Populists... Would Reject Trump!

The Forgotten Populists... Would Reject Trump!

The Forgotten Populists were forward-looking progressives opposed to corporate Robber Barons. Their impact on America is an inspiring story, one the media too often misrepresent.

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