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How the Ukrainian Working Class Was Born

Marko Bojcun Jacobin
At the turn of the last century, Ukraine’s labor movement was subject to tsarist domination and divided along linguistic lines. The revolutions of 1917 inspired calls for self-determination and the formation of a common Ukrainian identity.

The Odyssey of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Memorial

Mary Anne Transciatti The Labor and Working Class History Association
Barring any unforeseen obstacle, the Triangle Fire Memorial will be dedicated on the building where the fire happened on the fire’s 112th anniversary, March 25, 2023. It will be New York City’s first labor memorial.

The History of Sanctions

Nicholas Mulder, Nick Serpe Dissent
Nicholas Mulder’s account of the modern economic sanctions regime sheds new light on an era of extreme destabilization and destruction.

Lessons From the Struggle Against the Old McCarthyism

Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin Inside Higher Ed
Political participation is key to resisting efforts to prohibit the discussion of “controversial” ideas. Those flexing their political muscle to regulate what gets taught in classrooms understand this. Those of us doing the teaching need to as well.

When Baseball Players Formed Their Own League

Robert B. Ross, Michael Arria Jacobin
Major League Baseball is mired in a lockout, as team owners refuse to budge just weeks before Opening Day. It’s a perfect time to look back at when the players revolted against the owners and started their own league: the 1890 Players’ League.

Friday Nite Videos | February 25, 2022

Critical Race Theory | John Oliver. How an Election Conspiracy Theory Led Back to Georgia Cops. Trump Is Guilty. Lincoln's Dilemma. The Fight for Anti-LGBTQ+ Rights in Arkansas | The Daily Show.

Lincoln's Dilemma

Jelani Cobb, an executive producer of Lincoln's Dilemma, and historian Kellie Carter Jackson discuss Lincoln's legacy, his relationship with abolitionist Frederick Douglass, and how the series relates to today.

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