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Hollywood Unions Are Back at the Bargaining Table

Alex N. Press Jacobin
Two major strikes by Hollywood writers and actors dominated headlines last year. Only months after the strikes’ end, contract negotiations are now underway for the entertainment industry’s crew members — and the possibility of a strike is not off the

Jonathan Glazer’s Brave Oscar Speech Represents the Best of Judaism

Dave Zirin The Nation
Instead of confronting what the director of The Zone of Interest actually said, Zionists distorted his lines. Glazer was the only Oscar winner to say anything about Gaza—rather shocking, given the stereotype of Hollywood, as a bastion of liberalism.

Make (Some) Nukes History

Linda Pentz Gunter Beyond Nuclear International
Hollywood stars put their name to a good message, but it’s the messengers who are problematic


Let Bradley Cooper’s Maestro Be the Death of the Biopic

In Maestro, Bradley Cooper plays famed conductor Leonard Bernstein but leaves out the complicating — and fascinating — real-life details for a more streamlined, tearjerking product. It’ll doubtlessly do well at the Oscars.

Striking Actors and Hollywood Studios Agree to a Deal

Brooks Barnes, John Koblin and Nicole Sperling New York Times
The agreements with actors and writers represent a capitulation by Hollywood’s biggest companies, which started the bargaining process with an expectation that the unions, especially SAG-AFTRA, would be relatively compliant.
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