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What We Talk About When We Talk About Holocaust Paintings

Anna Ulinich The Forward
The exhibition “Rendering Witness: Holocaust-Era Art as Testimony” demonstrates the power of art. The artists may have been silenced in the homicide of the Nazi 's final solution, but their clandestine art work survives as an outspoken memory.

Remembering the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Marcus Barnett Jacobin
On this day in 1943, a band of Jewish resistance fighters launched an armed insurrection against the Nazis. They were proud socialists and internationalists.


The Revelatory Horror of The Zookeeper’s Wife

Jacob Soll New Republic
The Zookeeper’s Wife shows the Holocaust was not an easy existential battle fought between a massive evil machine and good, tough men. It was also made up of unrecorded domestic crimes, often of sexual aggression and abuse. What Caro makes clear is that a society that overlooks these transgressions is in dangerous territory. In attempting to understand these crimes and how to counter them, Caro challenges us to look closer to home, into the finer grain of the horror.


Film Review: Son of Saul and the Intimate Mechanisms of Genocide

Christopher Orr The Atlantic
"Son of Saul has already won the Grand Prix at Cannes and the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, and it’s a clear favorite at the Oscars. It is not—if my description has somehow failed to make clear—an easy film to watch. But it is a forceful and unsettling addition to the cinema of the Holocaust, a film that digs deeply into the gruesome workings of the death camps and ponders questions about duties to the living and duties to the dead." - Christopher Orr
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