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Forbidden Desire in Early Modern Europe

Peter Conrad The Guardian
Historian Noel Malcolm’s survey of gay life in the 15th to 18th centuries debunks many myths, but mostly catalogues the extreme violence perpetrated against those judged to have broken religious doctrine.

Sexual Rights and Emancipation in Cuba

Mariela Castro Espín Granma
The 1959 revolution launched a project of social justice and equity, an event that would change policies regarding gender and sexualities, among profound, radical transformations in the nation and its culture


He was a sexual outlaw - My love affair with Robert Mapplethorpe

Jack Fritscher The Guardian
The new Mapplethorpe film begins with the voice of Senator Jesse Helms exhorting everyone to, "Look at the pictures!" He was protesting an exhibit of Mapplethorpe's work that he viewed as pornographic, and we see the conservative politician waving what he viewed as smut, seeking to inflame the culture wars, despite the fact that Mapplethorpe had died just a few months prior at the age of 42 of AIDS. That protest turned out to solidify the artist's legend.
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