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A New Picture of When We Mated With Other Kinds of Humans

Maddie Burakoff and Laura Ungar AP
DNA evidence shows that H. sapiens mated with groups including Neanderthals and Denisovans. It even reveals evidence of other “ghost populations” — groups who are part of our genetic code, but whose fossils we haven’t found yet.

Friday Nite Videos | May 12, 2023

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Where Are All the Denisovans?

In 2010 geneticists uncovered an entirely new branch of human evolution, which they called the Denisovans. Today I make the argument we have found them. Source.

To Imagine Is Human: An Evolutionary History

Andrey Vyshedskiy The Conversation
Imagination involves creating a mental image of something that is not present. Imagination is one of the key abilities that make us human. But where did it come from?

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Rockshelter Discoveries Show Neandertals Were a Lot Like Us

David W. Frayer and Davorka Radovčić Scientific American
Neandertals at a site in Croatia exhibited a range of behaviors traditionally assumed to be unique to modern humans, and they developed these behaviors independently, tens of thousands of years before modern humans arrived in this region.


Human Conditions, Early and Otherwise

Scott McLemee Inside Higher Ed
The journal’s intrepid book reviewer surveys a mélange of fall 2021 university and scholarly books on human origins and development, finding some surprising commonality in an otherwise often conflictual field.

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