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Ilan Pappe: Israel Is the Last Remaining, Active Settler-Colonialist Project

Eli Massey In These Times
Zionism is the last remaining active settler-colonialist movement or project. Settler colonialism is, in a nutshell, a project of replacement and displacement, settlement and expulsion. Since this is the project, that you take over someone’s homeland and you’re not satisfied until you feel you’ve taken enough of the land and you’ve gotten rid of enough of the native people, as long as you feel that this is an incomplete project, you will continue with the project.

Ilan Pappe on Israel's 'post-Zionist moment'

Stephen Shenfield Mondoweiss
Ilan Pappe on Israel's 'post-Zionist moment' and the triumph of 'neo-Zionism'. A book review of Pappe's latest book, "The Idea of Israel: A History of Power and Knowledge".

Asking the Hard Questions about Israel

John Feffer Foreign Policy in Focus
Amid floundering peace talks, Jewish artists, historians, and activists are taking an increasingly critical look at Israel's founding and history.
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