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Why Would A Union Oppose Medicare For All?

Rolando Jackson Current Affairs
The Culinary Union’s stance on Medicare for All raises serious questions for the immigrant labor movement. It is in Labor’s interest to back M4A.


An Immigrant Woman Takes Charge of the United Farm Workers

David Bacon American Prospect
Teresa Romero was just selected as the new president of the United Farm Workers -- the third person to hold that office following Cesar Chavez and Arturo Rodriguez. She is the first woman and first immigrant to serve in that position.

The Difference Self-organising Makes: The Creative Resistance of Domestic Workers

Rose Mahi openDemocracy
Here are two pieces about challenges facing worker organizing in Middle East! Informal networks of self-help and mutual care have given rise to a workers-led alliance in Lebanon to fight for rights of domestic workers. In EI article, Al-Austath, who heads the Palestinian Federation of Garment Industries, argues that Israel has a deliberate policy of preventing Gaza from nurturing its own industries. “They hate us because we work hard and build our country,” he said.


Chomsky Gives an Historical Look at Immigration and Social Justice

Larry Sillanpa Workday Minnesota
We need to radically change the way we see our history otherwise we end up with incorrect assumptions that permeate the way we think. U.S. immigration policy historically had injustice built into it creating untold human suffering. Moreover, it is difficult to separate immigration policy from foreign policy. No one wants to leave their homes unless it is a refugee situation.

Immigrant Youth in the Silicon Valley: Together We Rise

Kent Wong, Mario De Leon et al UCLA Labor Center
This report intends to understand the experience of undocumented youth in the Silicon Valley. While previous studies have found that immigrant communities face low wages and difficulties in accessing affordable housing, this study presents key statistics about educational and employment prospects for immigrant youth residing in this region.

Foreign Domestic Workers Found Historic Union in Lebanon

Eva Shoufi Al-Akhbar English
Despite serious threats to their safety, more than 200 female migrant domestic laborers in Lebanon gathered January 25th to form the first trade union in the Arab world for domestic workers. Lebanese laws deny foreign workers the right to form their own unions, so the new union is aimed at all domestic workers irrespective of nationality. According to the United Nations, the Arab World is home to some 30 million migrant workers.
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