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Immigration Reform - Pres. Obama's Order, Immigrant Groups Respond

Tonight President Obama issued an Executive Order to reform some of the broken immigration system in the country. This is not unprecedented - previous presidents have also used Executive Orders to accomplish their goals. Here is Pres. Obama's speech; along with responses from immigrant and immigration activists around the country, many outlining what more is needed.

Immigration Reform, Activism, and Moral Certainty

Duane Campbell Talking Union
Attacking allies does not move immigration reform forward. And, an argument from a position of moral correctness does not change policy. We need to be on the morally correct side but that is not enough to change policy because political and economic power largely controls this country. We have a political oligarchy- our government is dominated by corporations. We need to understand neoliberal capitalism, then, work to change it.

Protesters Block Buses Carrying Undocumented Immigrants in California

By Holly Yan CNN
The furor in Murrieta illustrated the conflict between protecting the borders and the safety of immigrant families and children. "If these children were from Canada, we would not be having this interview," immigration rights advocate Enrique Morones told CNN.

Tidbits - October 31, 2013 - Halloween edition

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Eliseo Medina, Who Reshaped Labor and Immigrant Rights Movements, Retires from SEIU

Randy Shaw portside
In today’s United States, labor unions and Latino voters are two key pillars of progressive politics. Yet when Eliseo Medina worked for the UFW from 1965-1978, the situation was very different. The UFW was the only union that prioritized grassroots electoral outreach, and among the few groups focused on registering Latino voters and getting them out the vote. Medina would play a key role in expanding this UFW model nationally, and through the broader labor movement.

Yesterday's Internment Camp - Today's Labor Camp

David Bacon Truthout
In the picking of the strawberry crops - many workers are needed and in the name of immigration reform the growers are seeing their dream - a huge cheap source of labor. Congress is debating bills that would expand the number of recruited workers many times over, possibly even reaching the 500,000 worker peak of the bracero program in the mid-1950s.


Labor Embraces the New America

Harold Meyerson The Washington Post
“We are a small part of the 150 million Americans who work for a living,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said in his keynote address Monday at the labor federation's convention in Los Angeles. “We cannot win economic justice only for ourselves, for union members alone. It would not be right and it’s not possible. All working people will rise together, or we will keep falling together.”
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