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Free Brittney Griner

Dave Zirin The Nation
Russia’s jailing of the basketball star is an injustice that requires an international response.

Double Punishment: After Prison, Moms Face Legal Battles to Reunite With Kids

Victoria Law Truthout
This story is the first in a new Truthout series, Severed Ties: The Human Toll of Prisons. This series will dive deeply into the impact of incarceration on families, loved ones and communities, demonstrating how the United States' incarceration of more than 2 million people also harms many millions more -- including 2.7 million children.


Rectify Is Still Television’s Quiet Triumph

David Sims The Atlantic
SundanceTV’s Southern Gothic drama is entering its third season of critical acclaim and low ratings, but its against-the-odds existence bodes well for the industry.

Government Impunity and the Protection of Attica’s Ugly Past

Heather Ann Thompson
It took more than 40 years, but Attica’s survivors and families of the deceased had finally convinced a judge to force the State of New York to release sealed records relating to deaths of some 39 inmates and staff following the 1971 prison uprising. But the documents released May 21 provide little information as to who was responsible for the dead and wounded when state officials decided to forcibly retake the prison, and why no one has been held accountable.

Crime Falls Along With Imprisonment

Pew Charitable Trusts
The latest findings from the FBI provide further evidence that states can reduce incarceration rates without compromising public safety.
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