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The Zapatista Uprising, 30 Years On

Bernard Duterme Equal Times
Despite their relative isolation, the Zapatistas intend to continue influencing social dynamics. They have demonstrated that mobilisation for diversity doesn’t have to mean identity-base tensions, and can accompany the fight for social justice.

Indigenous Resistance, From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock

David Barsamian - An interview with Nick Estes The Progressive Magazine
This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of a historic event in Native America, the action at Wounded Knee. What was its significance, and why it still resonate with Native peoples. How it connects with the resistance at the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Indigenous Resistance, from Wounded Knee to Standing Rock

An interview with Nick Estes by David Barsamian The Progressive
We didn’t stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, but nonetheless, it was a win. It was part of a longer struggle to radically transform our carbon economy, our extractivist economy.
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