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Trail of Tears: Refugees from Central America

H Patricia Hynes Portside
Throughout the 20th century, US corporations have staked out Central America for fruit and coffee growing, metal mining and logging, and water for beverage processing – all at the expense of indigenous land and environmental rights.

Trump: Just the Most Recent Colonizer To Turn His Eyes to Greenland

Nick Martin The New Republic
Inuit elders eating Maktaaq, a whale blubber delicacy. The danger of the buy Greenland scheme is obscured by Trump’s role, and it’s disappointing how reporters and pundits fell into the rhythm of analyzing Trump’s folly through the same lens that led to the devastation of this land’s Native nations.

Why Native Hawaiians are Fighting to Protect Maunakea From a Telescope

Trisha Kehaulani Watson-Sproat Vox
Maunakea protectors blow the Pū or conch shell to mark the ceremonial beginning of their protest. Pundits have said the Native Hawaiian resistance to the Thirty Meter Telescope project is a conflict between science and culture. But the protectors are not against science; they just believe the telescope does not belong on Maunakea’s sacred lands.

Arctic Word Games or Indigenous Survival?

Mark Trahant Indian Country Today
Indigenous leaders call climate change an urgent threat that requires a global response (an idea that was trashed by the Trump administration).

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