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Expanding the Slaveocracy

Matt Karp and Eric Foner Jacobin
Historians Eric Foner and Matt Karp on the international ambitions of the US slaveholding class — and the abolitionist movement that brought them down.

The Iranian Nuclear Deal: What the Experts Are Saying

David Corn Mother Jones
There are plenty of tough and complicated details to sort out. The deal may fall apart, especially with conservatives in both Washington and Tehran-and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his crew-sniping away and looking to subvert any agreement. But as the heated debate continues, it will be important that nonproliferation experts play a critical role in the discourse. Science-based statements, not snarky sound bites, should be the weapons of choice.

France’s Aggressive Foreign Policy

Immanuel Wallerstein Aljazeera America
What is behind Francois Hollande’s assertiveness on the world stage? Is the decline of the United States’ effective power on the world scene what is permitting France’s return to aggressiveness ?
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