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Friday Nite Videos | October 8, 2021

Sanders' Blunt Rejoinder to Manchin's 'Entitlement Society' Word Games. Happy 25th Anniversary Fox News! Here's Why Hollywood Crew Workers Have Authorized a Strike. There’s Hope in the Latest Climate Report. Blue Bayou | Movie.

There’s Hope in the Latest Climate Report

An important update from the IPCC, the definitive source on the climate crisis, doesn't have a ton of good news, but there are some bits of hope if we can ramp up our actions now.

Impacts of Climate Change – Part 2 of the New IPCC Report Has Been Approved

Wolfgang Cramer Real Climate
The second part of the new IPCC Report has been approved ... the situation is no less serious than it was at the time of the previous report 2007. There is a better understanding of observed impacts worldwide and of the specific situation of many developing countries and there is a new assessment of “smart” options for adaptation to climate change. The report clearly shows that adaptation is an option only if efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions are strengthened.
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