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Ceasefire Now!

Virginia Rodino and Kathy Black Coalition of Labor Union Women
The time has come for labor to speak out against war. We cannot become inured to the barbarism our species resorts to when conflicts arise. As women, workers, veterans and citizens of the world, we must demand a peaceful world, and work to create it

Closing Guantánamo? Yes, a Snail’s Pace… but a Pace

Karen J. Greenberg TomDispatch
There are still 30 detainees at Guantánamo. Sixteen of them have been deemed no longer threats to the United States and cleared for release, but arrangements have yet to be made to transfer them... Now there are tiny steps toward closure.

This Week in People’s History, July 18 – 24

Composer Jelly Roll Morton at the piano keyboard Jelly Roll Morton's hit single in 1923. Women's Rights Convention in 1848. Disability rights a winner in 1968. Prepaid comprehensive healthcare in 1945. Investigation smoke and mirrors in 2004. Prisoner abuse in 2006. Civil disobedience in 1846.

Living on a Smoke-Bomb of a Planet

Tom Engelhardt TomDispatch
As those Canadian wildfires suggest, we’re now living on a new, not terribly recognizable, ever more perilous world in which not just this country but Planet Earth itself is in decline. Climate change is quickly becoming the climate emergency.

Will We Always Be This Way?

Kathy Kelly The Progressive
Rescuers come from all over the world following an earthquake, but when wars are waged, governments send only more munitions, prolonging the agony. Those who have an insatiable appetite for war seldom heed the wreckage they have left behind.
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