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Syria’s Long War Will Be Decided in These Three Theaters

Conn Hallinan Foreign Policy In Focus
As a bloody siege looms over Idlib, the U.S. is digging into the east, and conflict between Iran and Israel may put Syria in the crosshairs. Turkey will have to eventually withdraw from Syria; Israel will eventually have to come to terms with Iran...

Are the Wars in Syria and Iraq Finally Coming to an End?

Patrick Cockburn Counterpunch
The good news for 2018 is that with the defeat of Isis, the barbarous wars that have torn apart Iraq since 2003 and Syria since 2011 may finally be coming to an end. And now the winners and losers are emerging who will shape the region for decades.

Gen. Petraeus' Bright Idea: Arm Terrorists to Beat Terrorists

Trevor Timm The Guardian
The latest brilliant plan to curtail Isis in the Middle East? Give weapons to members of al-Qaida. This week former ex-CIA director Gen. David Petraeus publicly broached what columnist Trevor Timm termed this “dangerous and crazy idea.” But, according to Timm, Petraeus is probably not the only one in Washington who thinks working with and arming members of the al-Nusra front in Syria is a good idea. It’s preposterous, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try it.

Tidbits - April 9, 2015 - Police Killings; Jewish Establishment Tries to Silence Critics; Guatemalans Infected with STDs; US Cold War with Iran; US Trains Neo-Nazis; and more...

Reader Comments - Police Killings are Epidemic; Jewish Establishment Tries to Silence Critics; Yavon Kaplan - new Israeli refusknik; New Video - Feeling Good About Apartheid; Guatemalans Infected with STDs; US Cold War with Iran; Indiana; Islamic State - Cancer of Modern Capitalism; US Trains Neo-Nazis in Ukraine; Announcements - Worker Rights Conference; #BlackLivesMatter; 79th Annual ALBA Celebration; Today in History - Paul Robeson - Born 1898

Islamic State is the Cancer of Modern Capitalism

Nafeez Ahmed Middle East Eye
The brutal ‘Islamic State’ is a symptom of a deepening crisis of civilisation premised on fossil fuel addiction, which is undermining Western hegemony and unraveling state power across the Muslim world.

Tidbits - November 6, 2014

Reader Comments- 2014 Elections; Jim Crow Returns; Toni Morrison, Angela Davis; U.S. Used 1,000 Nazis; Syrian Labyrinth; Draft Could Be Next; Responses to Joel Klein; Nobel Peace Laureates Call Full Torture Disclosure; Activists Block an Israeli Shipping Ship; Women of Afghanistan; Saudi Arabia and ISIS; Fukushima; Announcements-Miners Shot Down-Film Screening-Nov 10; Elections-Who Won? Who Lost?-Nov 14; Folk music greats honor David Amram-Nov 20; PM Press Book Sale

Tidbits - October 30, 2014 - Two Week's Worth

Reader Comments- Ebola, Capitalism, Cuba, Disease Control; Elections- Black Vote, Voter Restrictions; War against Islamic State; Detroit; U.S. Jews Debate Israel; Berkeley Free Speech Movement, Education- Philadelphia and Common Core; Mexico, NAFTA; Wealth Inequality; New Voters in Ferguson; Announcements- Black & Brown Unity Event-Los Angeles-Nov 8; New York City Labor Chorus Honoring Pete Seeger-New York-Nov 15; SHE'S BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE'S ANGRY-New York showing-Nov 16

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - Seven Worst-Case Scenarios in the Battle with the Islamic State

Peter Van Buren TomDispatch
President Obama speaking at the Air Force Academy in 2012, told the assembled cadets that they should "never bet against the United States of America... [because] the United States has been, and will always be, the one indispensable nation in world affairs." On that basis, he suggested, the twenty-first century, like the twentieth, would be an American one. You get idea. We are... go ahead, chant it: indispensable! (Tom Engelhardt)

Obama’s Long War in the Middle East

William Greider The Nation
Our predicament is substantially obscured by the frightening enthusiasm for war among leading pundits. As Stephen F. Cohen has observed about the Ukraine–Russia crisis, the US media are simply not telling the truth about the failure of our post–Cold War policy. They demonize the opponent and never acknowledge the rational alternatives that exist. America needs an antiwar movement of truth tellers to confront and shame the propagandists.

The Coming Battle of the Gods?

Uri Avnery Gush-Shalom
ISIS is something quite new. It wants to destroy all states, especially the Muslim states carved out by Western imperialists from Islamic land. With horrible savagery, elevated to a religious symbol, it sets out on its way to conquer the Muslim world, and then the globe. It expresses the Muslim longing for restoring ancient glory, their hatred of all those who have humiliated Islam, a thirst for spiritual values.
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